On the way to Port Said

On the way to Port Said

30. June 2017 0 By Eva Pfannerstill

Part of the crew was exchanged in Valetta, which we left on Wednesday night – not without having taken some group pictures!


Scientists and ship crew united on the front deck. (Photo: S. Dörner)


Leaving the port of Valletta


We put to sea again!

After Malta, we experienced higher waves than before, which was especially uncomfortable for the new arrivals on board who were not yet adapted to ship movement. The swaying even seems to disturb some of the instruments, such as a gas chromatograph with flame detector (the flame rocking back and forth…). Other issues might arise from dirty ship exhaust: In the morning after we had left Malta, we found a layer of a brown oily substance deposited on the inlet tubes of several devices.

Now the water is quite smooth again; the sky has been cloudless like every day so far, and we had another barbecue this afternoon. This time, it was a very musical evening: There were more musical instruments on board than anyone could have expected, and we saw performances on the guitar, the viola, and the harmonica. Moreover, the Filipino crew provided a karaoke set which awoke the singing voices of many scientists and crew members alike.


Barbecue time! (Photo: S. Dörner)


Music performances in the light of the setting sun (S. Dörner)


Singing scientists! (Photo: S. Dörner)


A playing scientist (the author ;)) (Photo: S. Dörner)


(Photo: S. Dörner)